Traditional Balinese

  • 200 PLN 1h

  • 280 PLN 1,5h

  • 350 PLN 2h

With the use of ethereal oil, the therapist’s smooth but firm movements eliminate fatigue, boost circulation and allow a flow of energy. This massage has a beneficial effect on the skin and muscles, it releases tension and relaxes, reduces migraines and chronic headaches and makes joints more elastic.

Deep Tissue from Java

  • 240 PLN 1h

  • 300 PLN 1,5 h

  • 390 PLN 2h

A firm massage performed with the use of ethereal oil. The therapist uses her fist’s knuckles in order to reach deeper tissues, which effectively eliminates pain and tension, tones the skin, releases tension and at the same time stimulates and improves the condition of tendons and muscles. It comprises of elements of acupressure and is recommended after physical exertion/exercise.

Relaxation from Sumatra

  • 200 PLN 1h

  • 280 PLN 1,5h

  • 350 PLN 2h

Calm, delicate and rhythmical massage performed with the use of ethereal oil. It relieves stress, relaxes and calms, restores harmonious flow of energy, contains elements of ayurveda.

Indonesian Aromatherapy

  • 240 PLN 1h

  • 310 PLN 1,5h

  • 420 PLN 2h

Extremely relaxing, performed with hot ethereal oil. Calms and soothes, has a beneficial effect on the skin, reduces joint pain and alleviates depression, relieves fatigue and cleanses from toxins.

Bamboo Massage

  • 290 PLN 1,5h

  • 370 PLN 2h

A full body massage with the use of warm bamboo sticks. It stimulates deep tissue and relaxes the
body deeply. Increases your blood flow and improves circulation, alleviates pain.


  • 390 PLN 1,5h

  • 490 PLN 2h

An ancient massage technique that involves having someone pour warm oil onto your forehead (onto your “third eye”). Induces a state of deep relaxation, sometimes even a kind of trance. Relaxes the body and calms the mind, bringing a feeling of great pleasure.

Lomi Lomi nui from Hawaii

  • 220 PLN 1h

  • 290 PLN 1,5 h

  • 370 PLN 2h

Performed with hot ethereal oil and a unique technique in which the therapist uses her hands, as well as forearms and elbows. The smooth, calm, long strokes guarantee amazing relaxation and alleviation of tension and fatigue.

Lomi Lomi 4 hands

  • 350 PLN 1h

  • 440 PLN 1,5 h

  • 550 PLN 2h

The combined synchronised energy of two therapists and the hot ethereal oil intensifies your sens of well – being, the body releases tension, becomes deeply relaxed.

Hot Stone Massage from China

  • 290 PLN 1,5 h

  • 390 PLN 2h

Performed using hot ethereal oil and heated, smooth stones, which the therapist places on the body and uses them for massage. The warmth of the stones aids in deep relaxation of muscles and boosting the lymphatic system, cleanses from toxins, alleviates pain, deeply relaxes and reduces stress and fatigue

Shiatsu from Japan

  • 230 PLN 1h

  • 290 PLN 1,5h

  • 390 PLN 2h

Without use of oil, from Japanese: shi-finger atsu-to apply pressure; it is a very slow and gentle point massage which combines elements of stretching and acupressure.

Back, Head and Shoulder massage

  • 200 PLN 1h

  • 280 PLN 1,5h

  • 350 PLN 2h

Alleviates spinal pain, pain of back muscles as well as reduces tension and pressure around neck and shoulders.


With a massage of choice


  • 390 PLN 2h (regular price 520)

Massage 1h, facial treatment, flower bath

Spa Delight

  • 390 PLN 2h (regular price 530)

Massage 1h, body scrub/peeling, face mask, flower bath

Mata Hari

  • 490 PLN 2,5h (regular price 680)

Massage 1h, facial treatment/Facial, face massage, firming body serum, flower bath


  • 550 PLN 3h (regular price 730)

Massage 1,5h, face massage Kobido, face mask, foot massage, flower bath


  • 690 PLN 3h (regular price 1030)

4 hand massage 90 min., facial treatment, face massage Kobido, foot massage, hand massage, firming body serum, flower bath


Foot massage

  • 130 PLN 0,5h

  • 200 PLN 1h

Improves the flow of CHI energy to the organs or glands, which makes it a great technique for relieving stress, giving a sense of relief, alleviating pain of feet and calves.

Hand massage

  • 130 PLN 0,5h

Relaxes, releases tension, soothes nerves and improves general well-being. Applying pressure to specific reflex points aids in curing diseases and alleviating ailments.

Face massage

  • 130 PLN 0,5h

Relaxes, releases tension, rejuvenates and improves skin tone. Smooths wrinkles, perfectly oxygenates and tones the skin.

Face massage Kobido

  • 200 PLN 1h

A relaxing face-lifting massage. The treatment makes the skin on your face stronger, better nour-
ished and more supple.

Facial treatment

  • 200 PLN

A gentle face cleanse, face scrub, face mask and application of a nourishing cream.

Foot spa

  • 240 PLN 1h

Foot massage and traditional pedicure

Scrub/peeling and flower bath

  • 280 PLN 1h

Each massage is started with a foot bath with sea salt and rose petals / included in the price.

The oil can be wiped off with a hot towel on request / included in the price.